Alejandro G. Sinner

Alejandro G. Sinner

Project Director & Field School Director

I earned my B.A. degree in History (2007) and my M.A. degree in Archaeology (2011) at the University of Barcelona. Throughout my Ph.D. degree, I held competitive fellowships that allowed me to spend periods of my research in the United States at Princeton University (2011-12) and at the University of California, Berkeley (2013). My Ph.D. from the University of Barcelona – focused on society, culture and the numismatics of Republican Spain – was successfully completed in 2014, and it obtained a distinction cum laude as well as an international mention. That same year, I was awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship in the History Department at York University. In 2016 I was appointed to my current position as an Assistant Professor in Roman Art and Archaeology in the Department of Greek and Roman Studies at the University of Victoria. 

My research covers the social and cultural history of Roman Spain and the western provinces, and my publications include books and articles in peer reviewed journals exploring Iberian numismatics, pre-Roman languages in the Iberian peninsula, pre-Roman and Roman domestic and religious spaces, and the construction of identities and the processes of cultural change in colonial contexts. Since 2006 I have been digging at the ancient site of Ilduro (Cabrera de Mar, Catalonia) in northeastern Spain.

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