For many people archaeology is synonymous with excavation. Although we know that excavation is only one of the defining methods of a much broader discipline, for those who have had the chance to experience it, it is a unique personal experience and certainly something that students look back on fondly at the end of their degree course, and sometimes for the rest of their lives.

For these reasons, our project is proud to incorporate an archaeological field school where students can examine the value of archaeological evidence by focusing on the application of archaeological theory and method to the excavation. The field school is currently excavating House 1 and 2 in Can Mateu and plays a fundamental role in our project.


There are several oportunities for students seeking to take part in archaeological excavation. Please use the links diplayed below to find out more about funding opportunities:

AIA Toronto Society, Joseph and Maria Shaw Student Summer Travel Fellowship

Jane C. Waldbaum Archaeological Field School Scholarships (AIA)



One World Scholarship

Elias Mandel Award for Study Abroad in the Humanities

Robert J. Murphy Travel Award in Greek and Roman Studies

Margareta von Rudloff Travel Assistance Award

Sheila and John Hackett Research Travel Award (Graduate)

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