There are three different areas of necropolis documented in the Cabrera de Mar valley: The Turó dels Dos Pins necropolis, The Can Rodon de l’Hort necropolis and the Can Ros necropolis.

The Dos Pins necropolis excavated during 1986 and 1987, contains 94 tombs. The funerary loculi — always of cylindrical form and never wider than one meter in diameter — are dug into the bedrock. An Iberian amphora usually serves as the cinerary urn. The grave-goods are carefully arranged around it (see picture on the left). There is a basic homogeneity, within a range of differing typologies.  This large necropolis seems to date from between the second half of the 3rd and the early 2nd c. B.C.E.  A second necropolis at Can Rodon de l’Hort, with similar characteristics to Dos Pins — 14 known tombs, not yet fully excavated — was identified in 1888.  It dates to between the end of the 4th and the early 2nd c. B.C.E. Both necropoleis were probably used to bury members of the local elite inhabiting the Burriac oppidum. Finally, at Can Ros, a much smaller funerary space — 5 graves concentrated in an area of less than 50 m2 — are known so far.

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